Introducing jibo—

jibo, by NTT Disruption, is more than a robot. He’s the perfect combination of intelligence, character, and soul. His AI and social elements applied to robotics are specially designed for the fields of healthcare and education, where he can help elderly people and children thrive.

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Offering support in times of vulnerability

Managing emotions during long-term hospitalizations, supporting elderly and chronically ill patients at home, and joining efforts in children’s education - including children with special needs - is becoming increasingly important.

Health and education professionals need support from jibo.

Virtual jibo provides a seamless end-to-end experience when users can’thave the physical robot with them

Virtual jibo

Virtual jibo is a ubiquitous solution designed for transferring jibo’s character and soul into a digital avatar that can live on a wide range of devices. Virtual jibo can accompany patients and users when they are on the go with the same features and services as physical jibo, so they can continue treatment, education, monitoring, and more.

MIT and NAE studies reveal how AI and social elements applied to robotics improve the well-being of elderly people and children


A study with older adults showed that jibo is perceived less skewed and critical, helpful in daily and health activities and accompaniment. Source: MIT, NAE (2020)


60% of the participants expressed that jibo provided companionship and wanted to talk to him even though he’s not able to have a human-like conversation.


Most participants (89%) highly enjoyed jibo’s personality, which helped them feel motivated and supported through exercises, medication, and daily stress.

How jibo can help
children and the

Interactions with physical and virtual jibo evoke a strong, reassuring emotional response that creates a sense of familiarity and security, helping to limit social isolation for the elderly, and supporting children in vulnerable situations. jibo is a new revolutionary approach for the future of patient care and education.

Learn about how we are co-creating jibo with our research and technological partners

jibo has been co-designed along with the MIT Media Lab, where it is used in a wide variety of research and educational projects with children and elderly people.
Additionally, thanks to Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, we have enhanced jibo’s knowledge and communication skills for healthcare and other scenarios, while relying on their Custom Neural Voice. We are co-developing multiple use cases in the areas of healthcare and education with our selected partners.

jibo in the media

Here we could add a text that we will call "what jibo says" to get closer to users.


What Robots Can—and Can’t—Do for the Old and Lonely

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