More than a robot. The right
combination of intelligence,
character, and soul.

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More than a robot. The right
combination of intelligence,
character, and soul.

Who is jibo?

jibo was launched back in 2017 together with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as the world’s first social robot for the family. In 2019 NTT acquired full ownership and stock, and since then NTT has been working on preparing jibo for an enterprise scenario mainly focusing on healthcare and education.

jibo, ubiquitous and trustworthy companion for taking care of people

jibo is a social companion designed to help children, the elderly, and professionals in healthcare and education. Equipped with meaningful technology, he can improve cognitive functions, cooperation, and emotional welfare for elderly people. For children, he can mitigate anxieties and vulnerabilities, and improve their social, sensory, and cognitive abilities. Designed for enterprise use, jibo is also an effective go-between for patients, healthcare, and education professionals.

NTT Disruption and NTT: who are we?

We are NTT Disruption, the disruptive unit of NTT. We create disruptive tech solutions in the industries where they have the highest impact potential to improve people’s lives. Along with MIT, we have designed jibo to serve as a more human-enabled, emotional, and empathetic social robot for patients and professionals in the realms of healthcare and education.

NTT is a leading global technology services company. It believes in contributing to make the world a better place and, every day, it uses the power of technology to make it happen.
As a top 5 global technology and business solutions provider, NTT serves 85% of Fortune Global 100 companies and thousands of other clients.

This is jibo


jibo’s patented three-axis motor system lets him express a wide range of human-like emotions through sophisticated body movements.


jibo allows video calls with family, teachers and healthcare professionals. This embedded calling feature helps elderly people feel less isolated. It also helps health and education professionals carry out their daily activities remotely. jibo can also be connected to home devices like thermometers, blood pressure monitors, weighing scales, glucose meters, pulse oximeters, etc.

What’s happening
around me

jibo can recognize you using his advanced visual and auditory senses, and because he knows you, he can offer help even before you ask. His microphone array lets him know exactly where you are, so he can make direct eye contact with you, and he has two cameras that let him see the world and learn your face.

Touch me

Sometimes, instead of a lot of back‑and‑forth talking with jibo, there are times when it’s easier to use touch interactions. With jibo’s touch screen, you can navigate menus to launch skills, show media, and change his settings. He can also feel your touch using the sensors around his head.

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