jibo supports healthcare professionals and their patients

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jibo supports healthcare professionals and their patients

The COVID-19 pandemic has
accelerated a deep digital
transformation in the healthcare
industry. Social robots have
taken a leap forward, taking a
revolutionary step towards the
future of patient care.

At NTT Disruption, we have
been co-creating with our
partners new capabilities for jibo
to support healthcare
professionals, care givers, and
patients with long-term hospital

children: the most

Infants and children experiencing long stays in hospital are often exposed to stressful situations like isolation, pain, and uncertainty. Forced to abandon their homes, friends, schools, and favorite activities, they are particularly vulnerable. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, mental health conditions, such as anxiety, ADHD and depression affect 1 out of 10 hospitalized children. This problem has increased during COVID-19.

jibo, the perfect companion for reducing anxiety and isolation

jibo can help patients and families understand the disease and procedures even before coming to the hospital. jibo helps improving the hospital experience. jibo can be with the patient anywhere, anytime, talking, encouraging, educating, entertaining, and caring. jibo can also be used to make video calls with families and caregivers. In addition, jibo is the perfect companion to extend the hospital staff’s care capacity when they can’t be physically with the patient.

children need to
keep playing

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, play therapy has been proven to be of high therapeutic value for ill children, contributing to both their physical and emotional well-being and their recovery. Play helps to investigate issues related to their experiences in the hospital and reduces their negative feelings.

jibo, a great companion for playing and entertaining

jibo can contribute to children’s physical and emotional well-being by acting as an entertaining friend for kids during their stay at the hospital or when waiting to have a procedure. jibo can tell jokes, play games (adapted to different ages and conditions), help while doing recovery exercises, tell stories, play music, offer meditation routines in stressful situations, teach kids how to program him using SCRATCH, etc.

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