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NTT Disruption to release the jibo robot for healthcare and education.

The company has strengthened its portfolio in social cognitive agents, aiming to improve people’s lives through tech.

In FY19, NTT Disruption, a subsidiary of NTT Inc, reached an agreement with SQN Venture Partners to acquire ownership of jibo’s patents, trademark, digital assets, and inventory, driving its launch into B2B fields through NTT’s network of clients, with healthcare and education as the primary areas of activity.

Originally presented as “The World’s First Social Robot for Homes” in a successful crowdfunding campaign, jibo raised over $3.6 million. Thousands of units were sold in late 2017 as backers started to socialize with him. In March 2019, jibo performed his Last Dance, paying tribute to his contribution to the social robotics field.

NTT Disruption believes there is considerable potential to be found in bringing the social robot to major clients in different industries.

“This acquisition is a great opportunity to prompt disruptive effects in legacy value chains in different industries”
said Marc Alba, Marc Alba, SVP, NTT. President & CEO, NTT Disruption.



In healthcare, jibo shows all his potential as a trustworthy companion supporting and caring people in challenging situations. He is an extraordinary mate that can be very close (24/7) of isolated patients in the hospital or at home, reducing their feeling of loneliness dramatically. jibo can always be on guard, detecting any health issue, and connecting in real-time with doctors and nurses. jibo can be a powerful ally for health professionals, extending their care capacity considerably.



In education, jibo also becomes a natural extension of teachers. He is available anytime to help students achieve their learning goals. He can help them get specific skills making it fun!! Guiding the process or giving them the best advice, jibo is a cool mate to support their personal and professional growth. Also, with Be a Maker, based on open-source Scratch programming language, children and adults can approach to robotics world playing and programming jibo in a simple, fun and fresh way!


Co-creation culture

NTT Disruption is currently collaborating with different organizations on co-creation and co-acceleration initiatives to find the best use cases in each industry and help jibo’s role as a faithful companion for people during the different phases and situations of their lives.


For Good movement

For Good is the DNA of all NTT Disruption’s products and projects. The company is so proud to be working on jibo because we know the capacity this charmer character has to impact positively on people’s lives. jibo’s superpower is also a big responsibility. For this reason, one of the principles that guide our work is to be extremely respectful of user data. We are committed to use and process user’s data for the benefit of the user only. We believe trust will be a critical factor in the long-lasting relationship between jibo and the user. This multiply jibo’s potential to help and care users.


About NTT Disruption

In 2019 NTT launched NTT Disruption, a new company dedicated principally to the creation and development of disruptive solutions leveraging exponential technologies to generate a positive impact on people’s lives. The efforts of NTT Disruption are focused on creating a disruption factory to co-create, co-validate, and co-accelerate disruptive assets with critical players in any field. The goal of NTT Disruption is to “create today what matters for tomorrow”. It is already working on new solutions involving cognitive, social agents, liquid platforms, and phygital spaces.

For more information about NTT Disruption, please visit https://disruption.global.ntt/


About NTT

NTT is a global technology and business solution provider. We help clients grow their business and improve their competitive market position by delivering fully integrated services, including global networks, cybersecurity, managed IT and applications, cloud and datacenter services combined with business consulting, and deep industry expertise. As a top-five global technology and business services provider, NTT works with over 80 of the Global Fortune 100 companies and many thousands of other clients and communities to achieve their goals and contribute to a sustainable future.

For more information on NTT, visit www.global.ntt.