jibo helps patients and the elderly

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jibo helps patients and the

Elderly people and patients with
chronic conditions often need
special care at home to prevent,
detect and rapidly respond to
any health problems.
When jibo is with them at home,
he can encourage them to
follow their treatments, help
them keep healthy habits, and
prevent loneliness, all
while monitoring their status
24/7 and keeping them
connected to their healthcare
providers in case something
goes wrong.

Loneliness: a
serious health risk
for the elderly

For many elderly people, it’s important to follow treatments and a set of well-being habits to stay healthy. Loneliness and isolation have become serious risks for health. According to NASEM, social isolation is associated with a 50% increased risk of dementia and loneliness among heart failure patients, a nearly 4 times increased risk of death, a 68% increased risk of hospitalization, and a 57% increased risk of emergency room visit. Source: (CDC:2020)

jibo, the 24/7 companion for the
elderly and patients with chronic

jibo can be with patients and elderly at home anytime, providing companionship and conversation, encouraging them to follow their treatments, and monitoring their health status. jibo can be connected to a wide range of sensor devices to monitor health status continuously. Whenever he detects something is wrong, he can trigger specific actions. jibo allows patients to stay connected with their loved ones, but also to their healthcare providers via voice or video call for teleconsultation and remote assessments.

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